Monday, November 14, 2011

Prayer Chart

I have been trying to figure out for months a way to keep track of who is saying the prayers around here.  I don't want there to be fighting about who's turn it is or whining because you are asked to say it.  I just can't remember who said it last, I am happy I remember one needs to be said :)
I purchased a laminating machine a few months back and have been really wanting to laminate something and this is what I came up with.  {Please forgive the bad lighting and weird photo placement of pics!}

I wanted to list the main times we are saying prayers with a word and a picture.  Only one of my kids is currently reading so I needed pictures to go along with my titles of Morning, Lunch, Dinner and Night.
Problem was finding stamps for lunch and dinner.  Apparently my stamp collection is not big on food items which I am looking to fix which my husband is super happy about it. {Written very sarcastically in case you could not tell.}  Once I get my new stamps I am sure I will change it and I might change it based on season.
Right now the fruit works for lunch because that is what my kids like to eat a lot of mid day and the cup works for dinner because it is winter and we are having lots of soup.

The only step left is to get some Velcro circles to put on the chart and attach to the back of the pictures. My plan is to take the picture off at night and keep them in a bag.  Each morning I will pull them out one at a time and the order I pull the pictures will determine who is saying what prayer.  I am sure adjustments will be needed down the road but I am happy to have a plan in place.

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  1. what a good idea to track your prayers! This is good for the kids! Love your Star Wars party ideas too! SO fun! :)